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ActionCOACH GUYANA, is based in Georgetown, Guyana. We are dedicated to empower, educate, and coach business owners to create businesses that give them MORE life, and save them from businesses that control their lives. We have coached, trained, consulted with, or facilitated events for over 500 businesses/clients since 2014. And, in the wake of helping improve and grow each of the clients we have worked with, our firm has been helping ignite local economies by being directly or indirectly responsible for creating new jobs in Guyana in that same time frame.

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Brings clarity and newfound understanding to how ​persons with ​different ​behavioral styles communicate. Learn how to identify and adapt to behavior to gain results.

$9,999 GYD

TimeRICH Workshop

​Manage ​your​self and identify, extract and eliminate those time consuming activities that don’t take you towards your goals.

$9,999 GYD

SpeakingRich Workshop

Provides you with the opportunity to build confidence and reduce anxiety about having to speak in public. A practical session that can give you the boost of confidence you need to get up and SPEAK.

$9,999 GYD


Best Practices to Improve Team Dynamics​ and building collaborative behavior​ ​. Master the 6 keys to a winning team and more.

$9,999 GYD


Show​s​  teams ​how to​  make top class customer service a way of life in business. ​ Learn how to have your customers sell for you.​

$9,999 GYD

Supervisory Management

Learn how to apply management principles,​ practice team productivity & delegation​. Create ​a supervisor's mindset that results in growth for you and your team.

$9,999 GYD


​​Identify the relationship between a problem and its cause, by asking the right questions. Delve​ deeply ​into a problem to understand and address the root​cause.

$9,999 GYD


Learn how to use the most valuable tool in your organization to better serve all involved. Inbound and outbound telephone usage standards explained.

$9,999 GYD


Learn how to attract leads to your organization using the AIDA formula. Make prospective customers act now.​

$9,999 GYD


A​ simple, easy -to-understand, powerful sales training program. Learn how to identify customer needs and the process of closing the sale.​

$9,999 GYD


Get​ an understanding of the key concepts of finance and how to manage your money. Learn how to determine break even points and gain financial control.

$9,999 GYD


Equip​ ​yourself with the skills to create Systems to save you time, energy, and money.  Doing the same thing, the same way ever​y​time, makes you more efficient and allows for better use of time.

$9,999 GYD


ActionCOACH graduates go on to do special things
Mr.Vishnu Doerga is an extremely qualified and talented coach. Since my interactions with him, I have been able to formulate systems and strategies and Eureka is now poised to take on the world. It is probably too early to judge whether or not there will be an increase in traffic but I'm pretty certain that the systems we have implemented will help us to be more effective in our quest to offer a better service. I therefore would like to highly recommend him as a business coach as long as it's not to a competing organization. On-behalf of the entire management team of Eureka Medical Laboratories Inc., I sincerely wish him well.
Andrew Boyle
CEO, Eureka Medical Laboratories Inc.
Working with ActionCOACH Guyana has been a transformational experience for me. Vishnu has helped me to move from employee to self employed both in mentality and business form. He has helped me to take the steps necessary to manifest my business idea in a very accelerated way. Over the past 3 months we have registered, delivered projects and even established a premises. TSC is focused on quality IT services and Vishnu has allowed us to establish a good foundation. I look forward to the challenging months ahead, especially for a startup, with passion and confidence. ActionCOACH was the best choice that I have made for self improvement over the past 5 years.
Ryon Persaud
CEO/Manager, The Solution Centre Guyana
1 Hour of a Serious Reality check I realized that someone finally understands what's going on in this head of mine and would definitely be coming back. The principles learnt in the 1 hour I spent help me to rethink some past principles I had neglected and how important those I have really were.I taught me knew things and held me 100% accountable for my success. I know what I have to do now and WILL be seeing Vishnu Doerga again.
Joel Warner
In January, 2016, my path crossed with that of ActionCOACH….and a bolt of lightning struck me, shocking me into the reality that I knew very little about managing a business. In my first meeting with Vishnu Doerga of ActionCOACH, he suggested that I seek to become certified in my field. I spent several months with ActionCOACH learning the keys to managing a successful business. The opportunity to become certified came in September, 2016. I am thankful to Vishnu, Keon and Sonya, ActionCOACH staff who encouraged me to go for the gold. Thank you ActionCOACH.
Jennifer Flatts
Class & Elegance
So as a start-up founder, my mom constantly send me (or read to me) articles from her favourite application Flipboard. Under the entrepreneurship theme, an article came up on the importance of Coaching any entrepreneur. They even mentioned that even to this day Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has a coach! Now Vishnu Doerga through his program ActionCOACH Guyana has given entrepreneurs access to coaching... So what are you waiting for? Give him a call today and GET a free session. You guys know I hardly post via facebook, so you know its legit! Vishnu Doerga is an amazing person, he is an amazing coach!! I did one of his sessions, spent one hour with him, and he literally took my thinking to another level. Also, as you can see from his post, he will always go the extra mile for you.
Anjie Lambert
Project Development Consultancy
Excellent service and great guidance if you are prepared to be successful in life. I walked away today with 100% hope, courage and confidence not only in myself but for my business. Can't wait for the full benefits of the service, super excited, Thank you.
Anika Abel
Nick's Phonics Center

ActionCOACH Guyana

Vishnu Doerga



Over the last 13 years, Vishnu has helped over 100 business owners improve their businesses, achieve their goals and create a better life for themselves and their families.


Vishnu always establishes an environment of trust with his clients and gains respect by honoring it.


Good enough isn't... Vishnu encourages and works with his clients to take pride in themselves and their business to be the best business owner they can possibly be.


Under-promise and over-deliver... Vishnu makes sure he always does more and delivers more than expected, encouraging this trait in his clients also.


Having a philosophy of 'Constant and never ending improvement', Vishnu invests time and money every year in personal development and encourages his clients to do the same.


Vishnu coaches business leaders to be the est leader they can be — and the rewards for the business owner, the business success and the team involved are immense.


Work hard, play hard. There is a time to be serious and put your head down, but you also have to balance it with a lot of fun and enjoyment, especially when celebrating success.


Vishnu gives his 100% commitment and 100% support to keeping his clients focused on the goals they set, even though the tough times when clients doubt themselves.


George S Patton said 'A good plan violently executed is better than a perfect plan executed next week'. Knowledge is meaningless if action isn't taken. Vishnu focuses on clients' execution of the right activities every day.


ActionCOACH's vision is 'World Abundance Through Business Re-education'. Vishnu applies his vision to every coaching engagement and of course Vishnu's success is measured by his client's success.


Vishnu always establishes an environment of trust with his clients and gains respect by honoring it.