Quality Supervisor

Full Time
EXPIRES 11 Nov, 2020

Job Location

Providence, East Demarara, Guyana


As a QA Supervisor member at Qualfon, you will be in-charge of the center’s overall performance on Quality metric, Responsible of designing QA strategy along with SOM/OM and Account Managers, Creating the site QA strategy and action plan for all skills and groups. Also, Identifying and communicating the trending and creating remedial plans, etcetera.



  • At least 6 months of Call center Experience

  • Pevious QA experience in a Call center

  • Leadership experience


1. Quality Assurance Goal.

  • Conducts Root Cause Analysis meetings with Campaign Coordinators and QA Analysts
  • Develops action plans to address the root cause of QA penalizations
  • Ensures that the QA Analysts understand and follows the QA Guidelines in a consistent manner
  • Ensures updates are disseminated to all stakeholders
  • Assists the QA Coordinator in planning and deploying new programs

2. QA Analysts Performance Evaluation

  • Reviews QA Analysts’ output regularly and sees to it that deliverables are accomplished at the same time ensures integrity of data
  • Implements workload distribution to meet operational demands
  • Evaluates the QAAs monthly overall performance with a standard scorecard
  • Mentors, coaches, and counsels QAAs to improve their performance

3. Daily, Weekly , Monthly and Special Reports

  • Submits reports to Operations Coordinators and Managers containing evaluations and scores
  • Submits Weekly RCA Report to QA Coordinator
  • Sends updates on incentive program results
  • Performs special department reports
  • Accommodates other requests and reports from Coordinators
  • Ensures that QA Analysts’ reports are accurate and sent timely

4. Information dissemination and calibration

  • Leads the team during department calibration sessions, with Operations and with the client respectively
  • Serves as the primary point of contact during conference calls with clients to discuss issues and or disputes and to standardize/update the call monitoring guidelines if necessary

5. Special assignments and tasks

  • Performs special assignments given by the immediate supervisor
  • Participates in Immersion and Orientation of new QA Staff
  • Ensures participation in the department’s activities

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