Camp Superintendent

EXPIRES 30 Jan, 2020

Job Location

Kato Project Site, Region 8


Reports to:  Field Services Administrator and Accounting and Financial Services Manager with respect to specifically defined activities

Sex: Female or Male

 Age: 30 years and older


  • Tertiary education and certification
  • Accounting or storekeeping background with 5 years minimum experience.
  • Administrative/management skills.
  • Experience in timekeeping and reporting of employee’s attendance.
  • Computer literacy; Microsoft word, excel, etc.
  •  Knowledge of basic construction tools and their applications.
  • Possess acceptable experience and competence in overseeing basic construction activities.
  • Demeanor that commands respect.
  • Mentally and physically willing and capable of spending extended periods in the hinterland


1. Oversee the establishment/construction of all camp accommodation, including campsite construction, and use of available buildings in Kato. In particular, ensure that the various quantities and sizes of wood are delivered as per contract, and construction proceeds as per design.

2. Establish a close and mutually supportive relationship with the Site Engineer to ensure efficient and timely delivery of works.

3. Be directly responsible for the efficient execution of duties of the Cook (Bahir), Cook`s Assistant, Machinery and Equipment Technicians/Servicemen and Casual Labour employed.

4. Maintain good and mutually respectful relations with the Community Leaders of Kato, and good public relations with the general community.

5. Ensure that the Code of Conduct which will be established along with the Camp Rules are followed by all and sundry and good esprit de corps exists.

6. Maintain high standards of hygiene and sanitation throughout the camp and works.

7. Keep accurate records of stocks and stores, and account for them to the Accounting and Financial Services Manager.

8. In collaboration with the Site Engineer establish system(s) which will assure(s) smooth movement and deployment of personnel.

9. Any other related responsibility or duty as may be assigned, from time to time




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