Business and Contract Compliance Specialist

Full Time
EXPIRES 13 Jun, 2019

Job Location

Georgetown, Guyana


To actively monitor and measure JSL’s business and contracts to ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant applicable contractual, regulatory, statutory, and other requirements throughout the JSL Group of Companies. The position will involve some overseas travel The successful candidate will be expected to operate in an extremely fast paced, client driven environment and be part of a flexible, multi-disciplinary global project team to provide operational support to new and ongoing projects. 


  • An Associate or Undergraduate Degree in  Business and Law / Legal Studies  or any other combination of education, skills and experience.
  • Three to five years of experience where at least 60% of the time was spent performing similar tasks.
  • Knowledge and understanding of global business operations.
  • Experience in establishing relationships and working with Key Regulatory, Government and other  public and private sector  stakeholders.
  • Experience in collaborating with clients and external stakeholders on contract issues.  
  • Mastery of  MS office suite as  well as in written and verbal communication.
  • Current certifications in respective professional associations and a combination of relevant, current and ongoing professional development certifications.
  • Being bi or multilingual, having awareness / experience in quality or other management systems as well as in the offshore oil and gas industry will be an asset.


  • Create a framework for identification, execution, reviewing, updating, monitoring and measuring of compliance levels of JSL’s current and future business and contract requirements.
  • Direct the creation, revision , processing, reviewing  and executing of JSL’s  contracts, licensing agreements, nondisclosure agreements, memorandums of understanding and other legally binding agreements as required by JSL.
  • Conduct and measure contract  compliance for JSL as well as  its external partners.
  • Manage and resolve ongoing  routine and complex contract / issues  through JSL’s internal framework.
  • Engage with a  multidisciplinary global team  to identify , analyse  and control existing and  potential risks.
  • Perform systems and internal control reviews for contract administration function to ensure controls are in place to properly monitor various compliance programs prior to external auditors conducting reviews.
  • Interpret and communicate contract and business requirements to relevant stakeholders   
  • Develop performance measurement tools for and monitor all contracts and legal and other requirements.
  • Perform and  prepare JSL for internal and external audits.


To be discussed at the Interview.

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Human Resource Manager

JSL International

36 Delhi Street,

Prashad Nagar, Georgetown.

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