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EXPIRES 12 Jan, 2019

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Guyana Industrial Minerals Inc. is seeking an experienced Emergency Nurse to provide high quality patient care to site personnel and individuals within the community based upon established protocols.



  1. Licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse
  2. Three (3) to five (5) years working as a nurse practitioner in urgent care or emergency setting 
  3. Highly preferred a minimum of one (1) year institutional experience


The successful candidate will possess and apply knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of an Emergency Medical Technician and/or Medical Paramedic, in a dignified and compassionate manner, including but not limited to:

  1. Responding to emergency and non-emergency situations calmly, efficiently and promptly
  2. Assessing patients' conditions and providing essential treatment prior to hospital admission.
  3. Providing an immediate course of treatment en route to hospital or base location or on scene; dressing wounds, administering pain relief and intravenous infusions in accordance with state. local laws, regulations and standards;
  4. Monitoring the patient's condition; assessing whether and how to move patients and, where appropriate, the best location to transport them to;
  5. Administering basic life support to patients at the site, en route to the hospital and in a pre-hospital setting in accordance with local laws, regulations and standards;
  6. Working closely with medical practitioners in accident and emergency departments at local hospitals;
  7. Adhere to and follow all policies and procedures concerning safety and contamination by blood borne pathogens;
  8. Educate and/train site personnel on basic First Aid;
  9. Preparing case notes and maintaining records of employees' health conditions and injuries suffered on the job.



Apply now

Applications with CV should be submitted to:

The Human Resource Manager

Guyana Industrial Minerals Inc.

58 High Street, Kingston, Georgetown

or email at: ginmin@firstbauxite.com

Position being applied for should be stated in the subject along with your name.

All applications close on January 11th, 2018.


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Guyana Industrial Minerals Inc.


Guyana Industrial Minerals Inc. is a subsidiary of a Canadian natural resources company engaged in the exploration and development of bauxite deposits Guyana, South America. The Company has its head office in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and is managed by experienced professionals with worldwide experience in the global industrial minerals industry across a number of industrial minerals.
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