Assistant Mechanic

EXPIRES 10 Jul, 2020

Job Location

Offshore, Guyana


Assist in maintaining and repairing mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment onboard the vessel.


  • Qualification in Mechanics or Mechanical Enginerring
  • Minimum 3 years relevant work experience
  • Background in overhaul engines and working with heavy industry equipment
  • Knowledge of technical calculations required for mechanical operations and basic computer skills 



  • Carry out mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic installation, maintenance, and repair in a safe and prudent manner.
  • Perform daily inspections and maintenance on mechanical equipment. 
  • Maintain and repair mechanical systems and equipment i.e. prime movers, air and water system, lubrication and fuel system, etc. 
  • Troubleshoot and repair faulty mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment and tools. 
  • Assist in maintaining marine equipment, i.e. cranes, thrusters, ballast pumps and valves, auxiliary equipment, etc. 
  • Identify and respond to abnormal operating conditions and/or patterns of equipment. 
  • Carry out periodic maintenance according to the Rig Maintenance System (RMS) guidelines and coordinate that maintenance with supervisors and other department heads.


  • Incorporate the THINK planning process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team. 
  • Participate in the START process.
  • Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed.
  • Carry out assigned duties in a safe manner according to company policies and procedures. 
  • Actively participate in weekly safety meetings and pre-tour meetings as required. 
  • Report any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations to supervisor and other department heads.
  • Respond to emergency situations as per designation on station bill. 

Any other duties assigned.


To be discussed at the interview. 

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