Driver (Taxi/Hire Car Provided!!)

Full Time
EXPIRES 04 Jun, 2020

Job Location

West Coast Demerara


We are looking for 1 Male Driver (Ages 25-40) to work a vehicle (as a taxi) preferably on the West Coast Demerara. Must be trustworthy, family man and be willing to join a taxi base. Vehicle will be provided.


Must have previous driving experience, especially working with a base before. Must have minimum two references and a police clearance. Must have NO record of drinking & driving. Must be a law abiding citizen. Must be willing to grow with the company.


Goal is to make $4000 daily towards the vehicle and the rest is yours! Work at your convenience with the hours you want. Also, vehicle can be used for personal/ family runnings on weekend or where requested, as deemed by the owner.

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WhatsApp / Regular SMS ONLY to 697 7500 if interested! Applicants who call to apply WILL NOT be considered (this is a test of working with directions)
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Narvinco Transportation Services


Narvinco Transportation Services is a start-up business in Guyana. Narvinco's vision is to overcome boundaries for people who depend on mobility and efficiency. We thrive for excellence and to provide quality service to all our clients. We understand that growth comes with continuous effort and take pride in the development of our business, its external and internal stakeholders.
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