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EXPIRES 09 Mar, 2019

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As a kitchen manager or head chef, you would use your knowledge and experience of professional cooking to lead a team of staff and efficiently run a kitchen.

In this job you will need good leadership skills. You will need to work quickly and calmly when under pressure. You will also need to control a budget. If you are interested in food and you can lead a team in an organised way, this job could be perfect for you.


To become a kitchen manager or head chef you will need:

  • a passion for food
  • Ability to make a wide range of pastries, local and international food
  • experience of working in a professional kitchen
  • experience of running your own section in a professional kitchen.
  • Valid Food Handlers Certificate
  • Certificates from a professional training establishment


As a head chef your duties would include:

  • planning menus
  • making sure food is of the right quality and price and is produced on time
  • managing stocks of food
  • ordering food from suppliers
  • controlling a budget and keeping accurate records
  • managing health and hygiene procedures
  • organising the staff duty rota
  • recruiting, training and developing staff.

You would organise and oversee the work of the kitchen staff, decide which tasks need to be done and share these among the team. You would also be involved in the preparation and cooking of food.

You would typically work shifts, involving early mornings and late nights, including weekends and public holidays.

Working in the kitchen would be hot and humid. At key meal times, you would be on your feet most of the time and working under pressure.

You would wear a uniform and hat to protect your clothing and for hygiene reasons.

For part of the day, you may work at a desk away from the kitchen creating menu ideas with the restaurant manager and placing orders with food suppliers.


Starting Salry $80,000 per month

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