Sales Manager

Full Time
EXPIRES 01 Nov, 2019

Job Location

Block G1, Land of Canaan, East Bank of Demerara


The Sales Manager should be a high-performing individual with drive and responsibility for the growth of Demerara Bakery Inc. through customer acquisition and achievement of revenue growth targets by keeping the company competitive and innovative. The incumbent is responsible for bridging the gap between customers and the company, maximizing our Sales Team’s potential, crafting sales plans and justifying revenue projections, sales targets and sales related plans to the CEO and Board.  The Sales Manager should therefore have a strong business sense and industry expertise and be highly motivated with a drive to succeed and a passion for sales.


The following generally describes the knowledge and ability required to enter the job and/or be learned within a short period of time in order to successfully perform the assigned duties.

Knowledge of:

  • Operational characteristics, services, and activities of Sales and Sales Management performance standards, programs and functions.
  • Mentoring, coaching and people management techniques
  • First rate mathematical and reporting skills with expert knowledge of Excel and other MS Office applications to aid in the reporting functions.
  • Excellent command or the English Language but the ability to level with persons from different backgrounds.
  • Basic principles and procedures of financial record keeping and reporting.
  • Office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers and applicable software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and other specialized applications related to area of assignment.
  • EPOS Software processing requirements and software configurations.
  • Principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation.
  • Pertinent local financial laws, codes, and regulations.
  • The company’s market coupled with relevant industry experience.

Ability to:

  • Multitask
  • Supervise, direct, and coordinate the work of lower level staff.
  • Select and train assigned staff.
  • Interpret and apply applicable local laws, codes, and regulations.
  • Interpret and apply administrative and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Identify and implement applicable procedures.
  • Maintain, prepare and analyse a variety of concise and complex sales reports.
  • Analyze and interpret complex sales information for financial and accounting records.
  • Operate office equipment including computers and supporting word processing, spreadsheet, database, and other specialized applications related to area of assignment.
  • Adapt to changing technologies and learn functionality of new equipment and systems.
  • Perform information services system troubleshooting as required.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing and be able to present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close

Education and Experience Guidelines - Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:


  • Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in Sales Management, Business Administration or a related field.
  • CXC 5 Subject Grades 1-3
  • Working knowledge of EPOS platform or similar Point of Sale program
  • Due to nature of Demerara Bakery Inc.’s industry, a Food Handler’s Certificate is required.

Experience: Three years of responsible and professional sales team management experience including one year of lead supervisory experience with consistent successful results. Experience working with QuickBooks, EPOS and GPS Systems is highly desirable. 


The Sales Manager may not need to perform all of the listed duties and/or may be required to perform additional or different duties from those set forth below to address business needs and changing business practices.  The Incumbent is therefore primarily  responsible  for  the  quality  of  Sales  and  the implementation and monitoring of the Sales  Management  Process within each of your respective teams.    You  will review, advise and monitor all Agents, Porters and Drivers to ensure that your staff consistently exemplify Sales and Service Management Performance Standards by:

  • Implementing and following through with the outlined strategic business plan that expands the company’s customer base to ensure strong product presence 
  • Facilitating  daily / weekly and monthly sales meetings to monitor, reward and build team morale, acknowledge  positive results and to communicate the weekly focus and review the week’s goals and priorities, skill-build (through role playing of sales techniques) and share best practices and successes; 
  • Joining random sales teams on their routes so as to assess their performance and measure sales activities and results;
  • Ensuring that  all sales staff have  targets and understand and accept the importance of goal setting and actively work with the teams towards gaining new customers, achieving time management and overall higher revenue,
  • Clearly communicating expectations and holding employees accountable, including ensuring that all daily reports are done by the sales agents and that sales agents receive the exact quantity that they order and all checks and balances are made at the end of each day.
  • Holding  informal and formal weekly  coaching  sessions  with  each  Sales  Agent, focusing  on  sales  activities,  successes and  challenges to reinforce positive interactions and behaviours;
  • Scoping out new customer areas and existing ones for new potential and inputting new customer information and updating current data into the customer database
  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs
  • Facilitating the ‘cold calling’ of customers to upsell and gain a firm understanding of the Agents’ performance and areas of needed improvement
  • Following up with leads provided from both internal and external sources and taking, reporting and following up on customer complaints
  • Working with the sales team to manage workloads, which includes assigning/re-assigning customer relationships as applicable;
  • Consistently demonstrating and training Sales Teams on the use of tools such as EPOS, exchange policies, promotional product policies and best practices which can be used for customer acquisition, growth and retention.
  • Own recruiting and ensuring that Driving assessments for Drivers, Aptitude Tests for Agents and DISC Assessments are conducted for new employees along with ‘On truck’ sales training and route familiarization for new sales agents.
  • Liaising and coordinating with other departments within the company such as Accounting, Production, Maintenance, HR and Marketing to ensure seamless and accurate reporting and control of issues that may arise.
  • Present sales, revenue and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the management team whilst ensuring all administration for sales is completed effectively.
  • Reporting on progress towards sales KPI’s 
  • Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status
  • Networking with companies in the industry.
  • Perform related duties as required.



GYD $150,000 – 349,000 coupled with Commission based on overall Team performance and customer growth.



The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Environment: Standard office setting; exposure to computer screens.  Exposure to ‘in the field’ / ‘on the road’ environments and factory setting with heat required periodically.   

Physical: Primary functions require sufficient physical ability to work in an office setting; stand or sit for prolonged periods of time; operate office equipment including extensive use of a computer keyboard and calculator.  Some lifting of bread and bakery products will be required. 

Vision: See in the normal visual range with or without correction; vision sufficient to read computer screens and printed documents.

Hearing: Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction.

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The Chief Executive Officer
Demerara Bakery Inc.
G1 Land of Canaan, 
East Bank Demerara

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Subject Line: Sales Manager Vacancy

Deadline for application is OCTOBER 08, 2019



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Demerara Bakery is a locally owned and operated bakery specializing in the production of premium baked bread and specialty pastries. We are fast becoming a leading player in the snacking and bakery industry as our highly skilled team works diligently to achieve quality and consistency in every one of our products.
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