Project Engineer

Full Time
EXPIRES 25 Nov, 2020

Job Location

Triumph, East Coast Demerara


Project Engineer will be responsible for the construction and execution of various projects undertaken at B&J Civil Works.


- Bsc in Civil Engineering
- Minimum 5 years work experience
- Experience or qualifications in Project Management would be an asset
- Must be fully competent in AutoCAD
- Has work experience in concrete engineering, design and construction


- Prepare and complete field level assessment analysis sheets
- Detail work activities to Project Supervisor
- Ensure construction is done to required specifications
- Resource calculation, forecasting, and costing
- Ensure project is completed within project timelines
- Prepare budget estimates for subcontractors
- Ensure subcontractor performance is within contract specifications
- Prepare and implement risk analysis mitigation measures
- Ensure that works are executed in accordance with quality control system

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  • General Manager, B&J Civil Works, 135- 137 Section 'A' Triumph, East Coast Demerara at


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B&J Civil Works

B&J Civil Works


Our Vision is to be the leading civil works and road construction firm in Guyana through new engineering solutions and construction technique. B&J Civil Works is a small, Guyanese-based road construction firm registered on the 25th May 1998. Prior to its registration, contracts were executed in the name of J. Tapp Road Construction Firm since August 1993. We specialize in a variety of areas and pride ourselves on delivering the best results to you. Over the years, we have focused on construction with longevity in mind, whilst building close relations with our clients for the collective growth and sustainability of Guyana. In addition, we marvel on quality, hence, why we have made it a guarantee to all our clients, regardless of the size of the progress.
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