Dentist/Dental Surgeon

EXPIRES 03 Feb, 2019

Job Location

Lot 11 Public Road, Montrose ECD


Working at a newly opened dental Clinic with a well-trained support staff and state of the art dental equipment.


Qualifications consumate with vacancy and outlined as well as accepted by the Guyana Medical Council, the Government of Guyana and the requisite dental authorities.

5 years experience preferred.


You will be required to bring your own clientle under a clearly definded contract.

You will be required to offer the following services: 

◾️ Nightguard 

◾️ Sealants 
◾️ Dental Veneers 
◾️ Fixed Bridge 
◾️ Teeth Whitening
◾️ Dental Crown 
◾️ Removable Dentures 
◾️ Cleaning and Polishing 
◾️ Rooth Canal Therapy 
◾️ Filling (white)
◾️ Dental Examination



Will be outlined in contract.

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Application process on Jan 15, 2018.

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Idental Guyana

Idental Guyana


A state of the art dental Clinic
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