IMEX Incorporated

Georgetown, Guyana

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Company Overview

IMEX Inc. is a distribution company and service provider to companies across the healthcare, industrial and extractive sectors with a focus on providing feasible solutions along the business continuum. Our success and ability to meet diverse business needs are driven by a growing network of manufacturers and suppliers, skilled personnel and processes supported by technology. Together, these key aspects of our business model drive our product and service excellence, and address a multitude of business challenges in the sectors we serve. IMEX Inc. supplies thousands of healthcare, laboratory, industrial, chemical and material handling products, and provide skilled services in equipment instrumentation and calibration.

Our Recruitment Process

Step 1: Qualified candidates submit to our job posting before the stated deadline Step 2: Our hiring team reviews each application and short lists highly qualified and promising candidates Step 3: Short listed candidates are contacted and are required to complete a screening questionnaire. Step 4: Candidates are invited for an interview with the hiring team. Step 5: Candidates are notified whether or not they were offered the position.

More about IMEX Incorporated

Corporate Values

Efficient business operations that increase the financial security of our partners; Fair product pricing to facilitate participation in the healthcare consumer market; Continuous improvement in our product offering and services through performance evaluation, best practices and data driven decision-making

Our Philosophy

Providing quality products and services supported by continuous performance improvement; Minimising our impact on the environment through environmental stewardship; Creating a safe work environment free from injury and harm.

Quality Objectives

To procure and market products that comply with local, regional and international quality standards; To adopt systems grounded in distribution best practices and operational efficiency; To develop a highly skilled workforce through leadership support and professional advancement opportunities; To maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with our patrons; To promote an organisational culture of safety and respect; To be stewards of responsible and protective environmental practices